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Our Garden is over 1/2 acre in size we have fully secured & protected it so your Pet dog can go in & out at their leisure in the knowledge that they are safe & secure.

Our home is large enough for your Pet to roam free as there are several rooms that Pets can be seperated if they should become anxious & need one to one care at any time during their stay.

The dogs are allowed full use of the downstairs area, they are also allowed on the beds & sofa provided for their use and can also enjoy all the many toys in the play area available to them.


We take your lead in terms of exercise, we will tailor the required walks & play time to what the owners desire for their Pets.

We are fortunate to have a lovely forest walk nearby which we can use to take your Pet on (weather permitting).

We also have the use of our large garden which we have adapted with dog play time in mind. The garden is over 1/2 acre with a secure fencing surrounding the area.

We will never let your pet dog off lead & will only use extenable leads at all times.

We again only allow your pet to walk or run freely if we have a guarantee they are good on recall & this will be tested in a secure area with two of us present.

Health & Hygiene

All Pet dogs must be fully vaccinated and be up to date with their flea & worming treatment to stay with us.

To ensure we are the right boarding option for you pet dog, depending on how long your holiday is, we ask that you contact us to arrange a trial period. This is to ensure we can provide the correct care for your pet dog & also to get to know if their are any conditions or issues that we need to be aware of i.e. allergies, medical conditions or any socialisation issues with other dogs.

It is vital we are aware of any medical concern your pet has or has previously had.

We recommened that you bring your own food to avoid any disruptions to your pet’s diet.

We will also need to know if your dog is allowed extra treats or if they are restricted due to food allegies. Therefore treats also need to be provided.

It is also advisable to bring your pet’s bed along. This is to provide them with the security from their own home to ensure they feel safe & secure in a new surrounding.

On admission we will need all the necessary documentation on vaccinations, vet’s details & emergency telephone numbers to ensure we can provide the correct care for your pet whilst you are on holiday.

day care

We can take pets for Day care when we have periods that our home boarding isn’t so busy but, this will only be available when we have the capacity to take extra pet dogs.

We strive to give the best care to your pet dog, so in order to do this we limited the number of pet dogs we look after at any given time.

We also feel that to get to know your pet & for your pet to bond with us we would at least have to have contact with your pet at least twice a week in order to bond and offer the best care to your pets.

We will charge £12 a day from 7.00am to pick up at 5.30pm each evening.

Again if you require additional hours for us to care for your pet we can accommodate this too which will be charged at additional cost £2 an hour.

To get in touch or to book your dog in with us, please visit our booking page.

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